Wendigo Warrior

“It is told that the Wendigo Warrior was once a man. A young yet proud warrior, hundreds years ago, guardian of a secular community. Renowned for the precious treasures of their lands, his tribe met its brutal fate when dark horsemen came from the north, thirsty of blood and gold. Sole survivor of the massacre and left for dead, he committed the ultimate sacrilege eating the flesh of his dead brothers in order to survive, now cursed by the screaming souls of the ones he swore and failed to protect. His gold infused armor and sword is forged from the few remains of his once glorious tribe's treasures, his garments made from the fabric of his lost brothers and sisters clothing. He is a vengeful spirit, killing and eating the remains of anyone trespassing the now desecrated lands, tortured by the souls inhabiting his decaying and shapeshifting body. He is the avatar of a thousand men, and he is moved by an eternal hunger..."

March 4, 2019